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2011 Red Roan AQHA Gelding

Hip # 57

One Time Mooner

One Time Pepto

Delica Lena




Miss Hickory West

Hopalong Hickory

Badgers Gay West


Lu is a nice all around horse. He stands 14.2 hands and has plenty of substance to go along with it. Super fun horse to ride. He has been used regularly this spring during calving. Nothing really rattles him. You can put him in a tight spot with a lot of commotion and he doesn’t get shook up or hot. He is pretty fancy broke to ride as well. Has all the buttons. You can open any gate on the place off him. Lu will sure watch a cow as well. He travels good out in the open country. Will cross or go over whatever you put in front of him. He is easy to rope off as well. He will fit everyone in the family! If your a first time rider or a seasoned hand you will get along with Lu. Would make an exceptional youth horse. Easy to catch, bridle, saddle, shoe and load. Isn’t barn or buddy sour and will travel off alone with no issues. He can also be laid off with no worries. Gets along well with others in the herd. Lu originated from Bill Smith WYO quarter horses in Thermopolis Wyoming. Sells safe, sound and gentle with no blemishes or buck! Call or text with questions. 701.391.9587 YouTube search ( One Time Lu) for video.

Owner: Jaden Huntley
Stall # 119
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