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2009 Sorrel Tobiano APHA Mare

Hip # 1

Kat A Ka Choo Skys

Kota Ka Choo

Sam Taras Katrina




Mighty Saalon Look

Spectacular Look

Mighty Fine Bandit


Meet Frankie {a.k.a. Skys Fawn} 2009 APHA Mare standing at 14.3 tri - colored tobiano mare. As stout as they come and VERSATILE. Frankie Has been an NBHA WORLD QUALIFIER in both the youth and the open, Carried the united states flag for State finals as well. Doing this looking stylish I might add with her bay markings {even a roan spot} and her mix of black and white mane and tail. She is always the go too horse for the trail as well, loves to swim , cross water , bridges, tarps, and the perfect size to get under those trees. She has the CAN-DO attitude and is willing to try anything for her person. Don't put her up when the snow flys she will pull a sled with the kids and give them a winter thrill. She has also hit the halter classes and placed, with her fantastic conformation. Rides Bareback , saddled , halter, bridless, english , western remember i told you she was versatile. has pushed calves in a casual setting and has had ropes throw off her. Her ground manners are impeccable, she loads herself, ties all day, stalls neatly,  will picket line, eats and drinks on the road as if she was at home, no funny business with this pretty lady. She is perfect for the farrier , who has commented on how nice feet she has. She is shod on all fours at this time as she was getting legged, we shoe all our horses when they are in consistent work otherwise she is good to go barefoot. Feel free to contact me at 715-347-0792, message me on facebook Lulu Zuehlke , Check out my YouTube channel for videos of her doing Fank things...... you for considering Frankie for your next best friend !!!!

Owner: Lulu zuehlke
Stall # 49
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