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2013 Brown Grade QH Gelding

Hip # 134

Very nice all around 14.2 hand gelding. You can do all your ranch chores on him during the week and send the wife and kids with him to town on the weekends. He has a stellar disposition and personality. Vinny has a nice soft handle. Rides correct and the way a broke horse should. Lopes nice circles and has all the buttons. Outside he travels where he is asked. He is no stranger to rough terrain. Will cross water, deadfall, bridges, railroad tracks etc. Has a good gate and is very smooth to ride. Is easy to catch, saddle, bridle, shoe and load. Stands great for mounting and dis mounting. Travels off alone and isn’t barn or buddy sour. Gets along well with other horses. You can lay off Vinny for as long as you like and he stays sane and safe. Vinny sells sound with no blemishes or buck! Extra Gentle! Call or text with questions. 701.391.9587 YouTube search (Vinny TCHS) for video.

Owner: Jaden Huntley
Stall # 120
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