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- Commission fee is 8% on all horses that sell for $500 or more. A flat rate commission fee of $40 apply to horses that sell for less than $500. 
- $3 yardage fee on all horses. 

- You have the right to accept or refuse the final bid while horse is still in sale ring.  If a horse is sold on grounds after it has been through the ring, that sale must still go through the sale office. A pass out fee of $40 applies to any horse goes through the ring but does not sell. 

- Horses sold which are unsound in eyes, wind, are “windsuckers,” “cribbers,” or are of known lameness, must be so announced.
- We ask that all horses have a current negative Coggin
s dated within 1 year of sale day. Additionally, any horses traveling from outside the state of MN should have a Health Certificate dated within 30 days of the sale day. 


If you are including a picture please attach in high resolution .jpg format.

Remember to bring your Coggins with you to the sale!

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