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The Future of Simon Horse Company


Simon Horse Company was founded in the early 1950’s. Brothers Art and Roy Simon had horse sales every Saturday night at their barn in Albert Lea, Mn. After 15 years of weekly Saturday sales, they eventually went on to start having larger Catalog Horse Sales. With their first ever Catalog Sale April 4th,1964, held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in St. Paul. (Making the Spring 2024 sale 60 years of catalog sales for Simon Horse Company!)

Brothers Art and Roy both had two sons. Art had Tommy and Teddy. And Roy’s two sons Jim and Joe both continued in the horse business with their father. After a move to Rosemount, Mn. in 1961, Simon Horse Co. then moved to Cannon Falls, Mn in 1977. Where it is still currently located, owned and operated by Jim and son Ryon Simon.

Following the births of two beautiful daughters Teri and Jami, Jim and wife Bonnie then welcomed son Ryon. Ryon grew up to continue in the family horse business with his father Jim, at Simon Horse Company. Along with Simon Horse Company, Jim and Bonnie went on to also establish business, “Arena Trailer Sales”, which he successfully runs along with the help of son-in-law Mark. Granddaughters Katie, Kelly, and daughter Teri have all had roles in the family business over the years; and granddaughter Jami is still currently working at Arena Trailer Sales. Ryon has RS Saddlery, along with other horse ventures. But Simon Horse Company is where it all started and still remains to this day.

Ryon now has two sons, with wife Rachelle along with big sister Ava. Ryon’s boys, James and Sam Ryon, have already shown a lot of interest in the horses, livestock, and the barn. And they sure look up to their Papa Jim and Daddy. The family history, and generations before have made quite a mark in the horse sale industry, leading the path for a bright future and some pretty big boots to fill for these young Simon brothers.

With the generations of great horsemen leading the way, a great staff and busy schedule here at Simon Horse Company, we are as excited for our future as we are proud of our history.

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