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Helpful Consignment Tips

Here at Twin Cities Horse Sales we want all of our customers to get the most out of the horse(s) they put in our catalog. Listed Below are some helpful hints to get the best return on your horse!

We receive a lot of interest from buyers who cannot attend the sale and would like to place their bid via phone. The information, pictures, and video is the only information they receive on the horse so doing these things will make the list of buyers for your horse even longer.



Tip #1: Not all of the pictures sent in are selected in the catalog due to room and formatting of the pages. We like to select pictures that best showcase the horses and quality of our sale.


Horses can be saddled or at halter, but be mindful to have your horse standing square,

with ears alert and forward. Try to stand your horse where the background is free of any object if possible. We will accept CLEAR working action shots or win pictures of horses as well.


The grey horse pictured below is a great example of how a horse should be standing. Square, ears forward, and well groomed. This is a great profile shot of the horse and highlights the horses overall appearance, and build.













The paint horse pictured below is a POOR example of a catalog picture and would most likely not make it into the printed catalog or featured on Facebook. The horse's profile is not visible, the animals legs are cut off, and the horse clearly is not thrilled being a printed catalog model.




















Below is a great example of a CLEAR working action shot the horse looks great, the rider is in western attire, and this picture is highlighting the horses ability/discipline!

















If you do have a rider in the picture please make sure that the picture highlights the horse more than the rider. Keeping the rider in the photo do not crop off the head of the rider. 


Formatting – Please send picture via email in a .jpg format with horses registered name as the title, or mail in with consignment.

Please DO NOT fax photos they will not turn out.



Tip #2: Videos are a great tool to showcase the horses ability's and temperament outside of the sale ring. Video your horse as if you were selling him off the video


Videos should include:

Close-up shot of the horse without a saddle showing each side, front and rear views with all four legs clearly visible. Working shots of the horse in its trained discipline, showcasing the horses temperament and fluency of gaits. Other shots such as kids riding, trailer loading, etc will be helpful for the buyer. Working shots can be made inside or outside of an arena or both.

Video links to YouTube may be sent to us Via Email to be posted on our Facebook page or website.



We hope this information was helpful to you!

Please call if you have any questions.

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